We are what we eat!

We are what we eat Entry point for 5-6 yers old "Stars" group was so engaging and... MMMmmm!!! Yummy! Freshly made fruit salad! What can be better for your body and eyes? Here we will share with you our best fruit sald recepie!

Here is the method:

Prepare your favourite fruit. Remember to wash them well! We had Banannas, pears, kiwis, apples (of course!), plums and a pomegranate.

Peel and cut the fruit

put all the fruit pieces in a large bowl and ann your favourite youghurt....

Now, enjoy your fruit salad! Mmmmm!!! Delicious!

#fruit #fruitsaladrecepie #56yearsold #EntryPoint #Wearewhatweeat #Cookinglessonforkids

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