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On Saturday the 12 of December, our kids performed in our annual Winter Concert on the stage of Orken Theatre. 

This year, our two centers prepared two different performances: The Apple Tree Taimanova performed “Let it Snow”, and The Apple Tree Kompot performed “Christmas At The Zoo”. Both performances were a huge success, thanks to our talented actors and support from their parents and teachers.
Traditionally, Winter Concert  is a special event at our School, because our students, even the youngest ones (1year 9 months ) perform on stage outside school premises, solely by themselves (no teachers on stage!). This fact allows our students to become more confident about their skills, talents (positive self-esteem) and to practice and develop further 8 IPC personal qualities: adaptability, resilience, communication, inquiry, thoughtfulness, cooperation and respect.

Winter Concert


February's Pajamas Party

A night out for parents while your children are being safely supervised in a fun and exciting environment at kindergarten.
Pajamas Party in March....Coming soon

Winter  Art Exhibition

What a wonderfull collection of art projects! Our students did a very good job thoughout winter, so now we all enjoy their art masterpieces, where imagination has no limits!


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