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Welcome to The Apple Tree Almaty International Preschool, a place that has grown from a small drop-in center into an advanced educational institution!

Ethnically from Catalonia, I came to Kazakhstan in 1999. That time the schools and kindergartens were in great destruction after the Soviet Union Collapse.

As a Mom of 4 boys, I was seriously concerned as it was very hard to find a high quality preschool which could provide a robust education and proper care. Feeling compassion for Kazakhstani mothers and their children, who experienced the same challenge, I decided to open my own center.

My vision was to help the local community by establishing a high quality educational institution where every child would receive the best quality care and education comparable with what I experienced in Europe.

Starting as a small drop-in center in May 2005, we then became a Day Care Center, and just in 2 years we opened as a Kindergarten - Chasik Kindergarten, which many - many families loved and enjoyed a lot.

Our kindergarten was first to bring best world educational programs like Lego Education, Kindermusik and Jolly Phonics and successfully deliver those to local kids, preparing young children for smooth transition to international schools like KIS, AIS, Haileybury, Miras, as well as local schools worldwide.

At that point I could see my dream becoming a reality, as many talented and dedicated teachers shared my vision and worked along as a great team.

In 2015, after a decade of establishing and growing, Chasik Kindergarten made a remarkable transition and became an International Preschool under the name The Apple Tree. This name reflects the International aspect of my personality and vision:

My home country, Catalonia, is famous for olive trees, which are a symbol of victory or peace and a popular name for schools in the Mediterranean.  Almaty is known as the apple trees’ city and a home for over a hundred nationalities, where tolerance and hospitality are of greatest value.

So, The Apple Tree represents us as an international family of parents, children and school staff living in peace and working together towards achieving a common goal: preparing young children to become the leaders of tomorrow. In fact, this is our collective responsibility, for it is on them that our future well-being depends on.

Now, my dream became a reality as I established an advanced educational institution where local and expat children experience the best quality family service and receive education according to international standards.

Of course, this dream-come-true would not be possible without support of my family, a team of teachers, parents and even students!

Thanks to my family, my husband and my four boys, who support me everyday, for 10 years, and who will have to keep on supporting...

My thanks and appreciation to all the teachers and the parents for the fantastic role that they all play to facilitate this process.

Very special thanks to you, PARENTS, for believing in us, for collaborating with during hard moments and happy ones.

Today, as we pay tribute to the young ladies and gentlemen of tomorrow, we know that they have started their remarkable journey towards achieving this goal. Every year we see them grow and develop exponentially. They learn so much. They remain eager and enthusiastic and they grow in so many ways.


Because it is impossible for a website to convey the spirit that makes The Apple Tree Preschool what it is, or the warmth of feeling that keeps us together, we invite you to visit The Apple Tree. Consider how our approach matches what you want for your child. Human values are the core of family-school relationships. They make our Apple Tree community a thriving, energetic, caring place where committed teachers and eager students are absorbed in the exciting process of learning and growing.


Elisenda Pous

School founder


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