Halloween Party


On Friday the 30 of October, we will celebrate our annual Halloween Party. Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in over 31 countries. Typically, Halloween is celebrated by Trick or Treating and Costumes. Costumes give our students an opportunity to discover the land of make belief. Since, roll play and imagination is a vital part of a child’s education.

This year’s celebration includes a variety of games and activities: Carving Pumpkins into Jack-o Lanterns, Trick or Treating, Costume Competition, What’s in the Bowl Maze, Donut Eating Race, Mummy Wrapping Race, Pin the Broomstick on the Witch. The day will conclude with a very special Halloween Dance Party. During the course of the day, our students will feast on a “Special Spooky Halloween Menu.” Our students will learn Halloween songs, dances and poems.

Our students are thoroughly looking forward to this very special day.

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