Dance Studio

Kids love to dance!

Dance Studio for boys & girls aged from 2 upwards.

Our Dance Studio Teacher helps children of all ages experience the joy of dance and movement. In our dance class, students will learn to use their own bodies to explore space, rhythm, music, and mood through dynamic activities, steps and routines.

Both boys and girls will make new friends and have lots of fun in our encouraging and creative dance class.

Come out and dance with us!


Gymnastics class for boys & girls aged from 2 upwards.

Kids will build strength, flexibility, coordination, basic gymnastics skills, balance as well as developing confidence and positive self-esteem.

Street Dance is a popular style of dance  among young people all over the world. It is  improvisational in nature and gives an opportunity to fully express oneself. Our students absolutely love Street Dance and admire their teacher Azat, who is a world-famous Street Dancer and winner of many international and local contests. Azat's charisma and strong persona are great addition to his talent. We hope our kids learn a lot from him as he is the one who can be looked up to!

Azat's nick name is bboy Neutron and you can find lots of videos on the Internet


watch this video!

Street Dance

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